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v8 smart gear watch - multiple color - gng

v8 smart gear watch - multiple color - gng
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v8 smart gear watch - multiple color - gng

GMS850/900/1800/1900 four band call
Message: Local SMS, Mobile phone text messages, Bluetooth synchronization push
Entertainment: MP3, Mp4 local Playback, Bluetooth music playback
Call alert: Ringing and vibration reminder
Clock display: 3 set of the display clock, free to switch
Two way anti-lost: Two-way reminder, Two-way search
Pedometer: movement step, movement mileage record
Sedentary reminder
Sleeping Monitoring: Sleeping quality Monitoring
Take pictures: Watch take pictures, the local memory storage, remote camera: stored in the phone memory
Calendar: Synchronize your schedule arrangement
Bluetooth push message: QQ, WeChat, Facebook and other real-time information, mobile phone notification push.

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