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microlab m106 bluetooth

microlab m106 bluetooth
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microlab m106 bluetooth


Powerful 2.1 speaker with full range radio spectrum

Ideal for your home entertainment with wireless connection

Bluetooth wireless technology for free music streaming

Built with amplifier for perfect sound performance

Bass reflex tunnel brings deeper bass and enhances vocal depth



Output power 10 Watt (RMS)

Power distribution 2.5 Watt x 2 + 5 Watt RMS

Frequency response 35 Hz - 20 kHz

Signal/Noise ratio > 75 dB

Separation > 45 dB

Harmonic distortion < 0.5% (1W 1kHz)


Tweeter driver 3", 4Ω

Woofer driver 4" , 8Ω


Input 3.5 mm stereo jack and Bluetooth® V4.0

Output 2 RCA

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