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kts-1048 bluetooth speaker

kts-1048 bluetooth speaker
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kts-1048 bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker Karaoke Model - KTS-1048 Material - ABS plastic Operation method - button Speaker effect - Line subwoofer Power - 10-20W Frequency response - 100Hz - 20KHz Supports MP3 player function from- USB / TF card Connection distance - 10m Battery capacity - 1200mAh Power supply - AC 220V Time to use - 3 - 6h Size - Size-41*19*18cm Wireless connectivity Support USB/TF card AUX gunctio Rechargeable battery Karaoke Function Led display Wireless stereo twin speaker when you have two devices,need to long press "M" to bulid the connection both. FM radio, search and record the FM frequency automatically. Wireless transmission rang-up to 10W outPut power-5W Frequency response-100hz-20khz Signal to noise ratio>=85db FM scan rang-87.5-108.0mHz USB charging-DC 5V Battery capacity-800mah Max memory support(USB/SD)-32gb Play time-Up to 3 hours at 75% volume Charging time-2-3 hours

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