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Huawei honor band 5 smart bracelet

Huawei honor band 5 smart bracelet
Huawei honor band 5 smart bracelet
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Huawei honor band 5 smart bracelet
Huawei honor band 5 smart bracelet
Huawei honor band 5 smart bracelet
  • Innovative Footwear Mode
  • Your Basketball Assistant
    In basketball mode, record key data in real-time. It accurately records every jump, height, time, movement speed, etc. 10 basketball data.
  • Professional Running Coach
    Put forward the intelligent suggestions with precise data to make running more efficient. Provides treadmill running data at a 97% accuracy using a built-in 6- Gyroscope based sensor in Footwear Mode.
  • Your Life Assistant
    Connecting with your smartphone via BT, it supports message notifications, phone call reminding, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminding, BT disconnecting reminding and so on.
  • 5ATM Waterproof Design
    With 50m water-resistance, the HUAWEI honor Band 5 is designed for completing easy everyday tasks and swimming.
  • Long Battery Life
    One full charge supports up to 40 full hours under running or basketball mode.
  • Note
  • 2. Works with HUAWEI APP
    HUAWEI Health, please download yourself.

The HUAWEI honor Band 5 can also use the Footwear Mode. Wrist wearing and foot wearing modes meet your daily and sports (running and basketball playing) use.

1. Basketball Mode only supports Android 4.4 and above systems.

3. Connecting your band and phone via BT, system language of HUAWEI honor Band 5 is the same as that of your smartphone.

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