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electric heat kettle 1.5 liters

electric heat kettle 1.5 liters
electric heat kettle 1.5 liters

Scarlett Stainless Steel Electric Heat Kettle 1.5Liters

The inner cover is steel design, safe and secur The high-quality stainless steel spout, prevent scale into the cup to ensure clean water The non-slip grip, soft touch, comfortable angle, to prevent the hand sliding A key switch to boil water,sensing the water boil then close the power automatically The unique texture luster, high-quality food grade stainless steel, safer and easier to clean Intelligent temperature control system, close the power automatically after the water boil,save worry and security You can Twining the wire under the chassis,better storage power cord to avoid damage The unique anti-scald protection effect. the surface temperature of the kettle is 20 °C-30 °C. avoid scalding your hand. Boiling water just needs 5 minutes

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