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Home Appliances Collection in Bangladesh

A house can never be complete without some basic home appliances or electronic products. You cannot think of relaxing at home without switching on the television in Bangladesh in an air-conditioned room, leaning on the sofa holding a chilled glass of juice from refrigerator online Bangladesh while munching on a plate of freshly baked snacks right out of the oven. Here with, you can buy all your electronics goods at the most competitive price while enjoying great discounts and deals. Starting from your kitchen to the living room, no matter what kind of home appliance you are in need of, we have them all.

Let’s start with the living room. Your living room is incomplete without a nice and sleek television attached to a wonderful sound system. If you are in a mood of watching a movie then a DVD player does the rest. Also to make your weekend and week-nights or a friend stay-in more fun-filled, a gaming console works as a trump card.

Now let’s walk down to your kitchen, starting from refrigerator to microwave oven in Bangladesh, we have it all. Our great range of electronics also covers juicer, mixer, grill oven, electric grill and what not. Also to make your life easier, we have ranged a good quality washing machine in Bangladesh, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner in Bangladesh, lights, security equipment, fans, and so many other things. Our electronics range covers all the famous brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Miyako and more.

There are two things we don’t compromise on while selling our products and those are, authenticity and warranty. All our electronic good come from trusted and authentic distributors and our quality control team single-handedly checks all the products to make sure you get the best. If you face any kind of problem post-purchase, this is to let you know that all products come with a guarantee and service warranty.

To ensure you are getting the best price, we offer huge discounts and deals almost on every product. So if you are starting a new family or renovating your house and in need of home appliances, you should browse for those on online shopping bd and buy online. We will deliver your product at your doorstep for installing free of cost. Once you order your product it will be delivered either on the same day or at most two days. So what you are waiting for? Have a look through our site and see what your house is missing out.

electric heat kettle 1.5 liters
New -11 %
Model: kettle
Scarlett Stainless Steel Electric Heat Kettle 1.5LitersThe inner cover is steel design, safe and secur The high-quality stainless steel spout, prevent scale into the cup to ensure clean water The non-slip grip, soft touch, comfortable angle, to prevent the hand sliding A key switch to boil w..
TK 800.0 TK 900.0
Brand: Nova Model: NH-1204A
Electric Room Heater Nova NH-1204A (Code-524) - HMS এই শীতে আপনার ঘরের উষ্নতা বজায় রাখতে ব্যবহার করুন, রুম হিটার নরমাল ফ্যান/ওয়ার্ম/হট এয়ার সিস্টেম অ্যাডজাস্টেবল ফ্যান স্পিড এন্ড থার্মোস্ট্যাট ২টি হিটিং পাওয়ার (1000/2000W) হাই কোয়ালিটি ব্র্যান্ড নিউ প্রোডাক্ট ব্র্যান্ড: NOVANote: If t..
TK 1,500.0 TK 1,800.0
Brand: Awesome Brand Model: 472
Hot Water Tap with Hand Shower - 472 - HMS ৩ সেকেন্ডের মধ্যে গরম পানি বাথরুম ও সিংক ফিটিং কম বিদ্যুৎ খরচ সহজ ইন্সটলেশন চাহিদা মত গরম ও কুসুম গরম পানি আকর্ষনীয় ডিজাইন রান্না ঘরের সিংক ও বাথরুমে ব্যবহার করা যায় টেম্পারাচার : 30 - 60° C ভোল্টেজ: 220V Exchange Policy: If the seal is broken th..
TK 4,620.0 TK 5,900.0
Brand: Awesome Brand Model: BSS
Jaipan 750W Buttler Blender - BSS Jaipan 750W Buttler Mixer Grinder Easy grinding and smooth blending Multi-purpose jar and a wet grinding jar Power indicator High speed, Energy efficient motor High performance long life mixer Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date..
TK 3,954.0 TK 4,900.0
Miyako Room Heater - YH-09R - ZAE
New -37 %
Brand: Miyako Model: YH-09R
Miyako Room Heater - YH-09R - ZAE Product: Miyako Room Heater Model: YH09B/YH09R Brand: Miyako Power: 1500w Adjustable Thermostat: Yes Safety: Thermal Cutoff device Feature: Energy Saving PTC Heater Coverage: 400 Sft Carry Handle Power indicator light Modes: High heat/low heat/Flame only/..
TK 3,800.0 TK 6,000.0
Brand: Philips Model: GC157/02
Philips Dry Irons GC157/02 1100 Watt - SHB Easy gliding on all fabricsAmerican Heritage Black coating for easy gliding Comfortable ironingCast-in soleplate technology Reaches into tricky areasPointed tip for ironing tricky areas.Return Policy: If the seal is broken then the pro..
TK 2,650.0 TK 2,750.0
Brand: Philips Model: GC157/02
Philips Dry Irons GC103/02 750 Watt - SHB Dry function Indicator Lamp Adjustable Temperature Control Aluminum Soleplate Pointed tip for ironing tricky areas Easy operation.Return Policy: If the seal is broken then the product can't be returned, unless there is a manufacturing defect. ..
TK 1,950.0 TK 2,155.0
Brand: Philips Model: GC181/80
Philips Dry Irons GC181/80 1000 Watt - SHB 1000 Watt for faster heating Soleplate: American Heritage Black Easy to useAmerican Heritage Black coating for easy gliding 360 degree cord freedomReturn Policy: If the seal is broken then the product can't be returned, unless there is a manufacturi..
TK 2,850.0 TK 3,150.0
Brand: Philips Model: HI113/28
Philips Dry Irons HI113/28 1000 Watt - SHB Powerful performance1000 Watt for faster heating Easy gliding on all fabricsAmerican Heritage Black coating for easy gliding Reaches into tricky areasButton groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams Full controlIron temperature-..
TK 1,750.0 TK 2,450.0
Brand: Philips Model: GC1905/40
Philips Steam Irons GC1905/40 1440 Watt - SHB A fine spray evenly moistens the fabric Continuous steam output up to 17 g/min Variable steam settings Steam tip Power: 1440 W Easy gliding on all fabricsAmerican Heritage Black Soleplate Faster set-up and storageEasy and super fast filling of t..
TK 3,250.0 TK 3,550.0
Brand: Philips Model: GC1920/40
Philips Steam Irons GC1920/40 1440 Watt - SHB Easy and super fast filling of the water tank Easy and super fast emptying of the water tank Easily removes creasesA fine spray evenly moistens the fabric Continuous steam output up to 13 g/min Variable steam settings Easy gliding on all fabricsN..
TK 3,250.0 TK 3,450.0
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